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Our Prayer Team will enfold your confidential request in our prayer energy for 30 days. Click here to submit a request. 

                       Myrtle and Charles Fillmore

Charles and Myrtle Fillmore

Prayer & Meditation

Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore defines prayer as the most highly accelerated mind action known. Prayer synchronizes one's consciousness with the One Mind. It is the language of spiritualty through which we align with the creative power of the divine. We pray in order to experience an elevating of consciousness that our hearts and minds might open to receive guidance, healing, and a greater awareness and experience of the divine that is our truest nature. In addition to including a time of meditation and reflection in Sunday services, Unity on the North Shore offers classes and workshops for deepening one's prayer and meditation practice.


Unity Prayer Chaplains

2020-21 Prayer Chaplain Team
(Top row, l to r)
Vivian Morrison, Tom Richards, Olga La Luz, Kent Stanton, Priscilla Florence.
Middle row: Joyce Davidson, Kristin Velazquez Kenefick, Sharon Meyers, Martin Taylor. Bottom row: Kim Geiger Evans, Bruce Moore, Diane Testa, Lisa McDonald

Unity on the North Shore has a trained, committed team of volunteers who will stand with you in prayer. They will listen to and acknowledge your challenges and joys, and claim spiritual Truth, so that you can hear it and remember it for yourself. They complete an intensive, nationally recognized Prayer Chaplain Training Program, which has become part of Unity Worldwide Ministries’ strategic direction. Our Prayer Chaplains are available at each service to pray with anyone who requests prayer support. They make hundreds of Wellness Calls each year to our active members, and visit people who may be hospitalized, in nursing homes or under hospice care. The role of our Prayer Chaplains is, quite simply, to pray. Chaplains are not counselors or advice-givers. The core of a Prayer Chaplain’s commitment is to:

  • Hold spiritual space. To hold spiritual space means to stay in a space of non-judgment, to be open to the highest possibilities of Divine Intelligence, and to see the Christ Light in the face of the person to whom they are listening.
  • Lovingly listen. To lovingly listen means to listen with an open heart, without judgment, and to be completely focused on and available to the speaker.
  • Pray from the heart. To pray from the heart is to listen to the guidance of the Divine and to speak authentically, remembering that this is a prayer, not a performance!
  • Hold in confidence what is shared. The last essential piece is a commitment to confidentiality. Chaplains know that a sacred trust is placed in them, and that their commitment to confidentiality is the foundation of people feeling safe enough to open their hearts and share their stories. Without this last and important piece, the Prayer Chaplain Program could not exist.

Click here to learn about serving as a Prayer Chaplain.


Our Prayer Team

"Prayer is the foundation and the heart of our work." --Unity World Headquarters

This team of Unity on the North Shore volunteers is committed to holding our community in prayer daily! They are a powerful and mighty group of anonymous volunteers, setting and holding the foundation of prayer consciousness upon which this spiritual community is built. During their private prayer time every day, members hold in prayer for 30 days each and every prayer request that we receive before sending them on to Silent Unity, our worldwide prayer ministry based at Unity Headquarters in Kansas City, MO. There, the requests are held in prayer for another 30 days.


Prayer On the Patio

Our Garden Patio is a lovely tranquil spot for quiet reflection and contemplation. To help focus your intention, the shady seat walls are engraved with each of the 12 powers, qualities of the divine that, when activated by prayerful intention, support our journey to spiritual mastery. In addition, brick pavers are engraved with inspirational phrases and dedications which provide a comforting, inspiring atmosphere for praying in the open air. 


Annual Unity World Day of Prayer Celebration

Unity World Day of Prayer is an annual celebration to affirm peace, abundance and love on an individual and global level.  Each September, Unity churches all over the country participate in a prayer vigil that is focused on the spiritual Truth that we are all expressions of The One, and that the recognition of that oneness can, and will heal the world.

Unity on the North Shore’s Prayer Vigil is held in our Sanctuary for a 24-hour period, and closes with our Sharing Sacred Practice service featuring presenters from a wide range of spiritual traditions and religious faiths.  Information about our annual observance will be publicized several weeks in advance of the event. You will have the opportunity to include your loved ones in this powerful prayer energy by listing their names on a special World Day of Prayer prayer slip, or submitting names online. Every name will be spoken aloud during the Vigil.


Prayers for your Personal Practice

The Unity approach to prayer is based on positive prayers and affirmations that have universal, interfaith appeal. The prayers in this collection were written by participants in our recent Life of Prayer Class. Each statement begins with a "denial" – a declaration of Truth acknowledging the present condition while refuting its power to affect us. Denials are immediately followed by an affirmative declaration of Truth to engage the power of the divine in bringing itself into expression. We encourage you to use these statements in your personal prayer practice and hope that they inspire you to create similar statements of Truth that resonate in your own heart and mind.


In the Presence/Divine Order
Peace of Mind

For Our World