Disease and disorder have no power in my life. I am free. I am unlimited. I am more than my body.

I will not give power to thoughts of being unwell. I am free of physical challenges.

Divine life flows through me and I am healed.

My fears of dis-ease are powerless to shake my faith. Through God in me, I am healed.

Because I know my body is created perfect and whole, I erase all thoughts of imperfection and dis-ease. I dwell only on God's love for me.


I look to no outside source for guidance. I turn to God/Spirit within and receive answers for my life.

I am guided through the Christ in me to do what is right. I do not need to worry about what to do and what to say because the Christ in me will guide me to the greatest good.

I release thoughts of fear, knowing God is with me wherever I go.

God's guidance is ever present, leading me on the path forward that is best for me.

I release all ego centered actions and behaviors. Spirit guides all of my interactions. I recognize and value the Divine in others.  

Divine Order

Through prayer and meditation, I am divinely guided as I move through my day.

I am centered in an awareness of God's glory; grounded in a consciousness of God's infinite presence. In peace and in stillness, I am open to God's love in expression.

Nothing disturbs the calm peace of my mind. Like a placid lake reflecting a glorious sun-lit sky, my thoughts are a perfect reflection of the power and beauty of the Divine.

I am a child of God, filled with unlimited grace and blessings. I am whole and complete.


Perfect health, wonderful, loving relationships and all resources are mine to claim through Spirit.

I am blessed with abundance and fulfilled through the power of the Christ in me.

All that I need spiritually and materially for my best path forward is already provided and will always be there for me.

God supplies all that I require. I am conscious of God’s presence.

Every cell of my body that God’s will for me is perfect happiness. All my needs are met and I fulfill my highest potential.

God provides for my every need. I relax into the knowledge that all is well.

I affirm God as my source who guides me on a path filled with love and I am filled with the riches of life.

Peace of Mind

My connecting with Spirit upon awakening fills my mind with peace, joy and harmony.

I am strong and positive in my thoughts and prayers.

Negative thoughts do not rob me of inner peace. I am content and whole in my thoughts and mind, and all is well.

I am vibrant and vital in body, mind and spirit. My energy is boundless. I joyously accomplish all that's mine to undertake.

Peace and wisdom fill my mind and heart.

The peace of God growing within me fills my mind and heart.


The goodness and greatness of Spirit's mighty power guides my choices and protects my steps.

I am strong in faith, confident in my resolve and courageously undertake all that's mine to do.

God's ever-present power and presence protect and guide me always.

When outer appearances present as disorder and chaos in the world, I affirm that God is present in everyone and every situation and all is well.

God is with me in every need. Whether walking, driving, at work, or at home, God is always present.

For Our World

I will not allow world unrest to take over my thoughts. I know that world events are unfolding in divine order for the good of all.

There is no darkness or evil that is lasting. God's light and love fill our world. 

I release all doubt. The power of God overcomes political unrest and human suffering.

God's power and presence are greater than any earthly condition. The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Turmoil and hatred have no power to over universal good. Everywhere and always, Spirit is present with the gifts of love and peace.


All seeming conflict is dissolved. Nothing can destroy the love between us. Each of us learns what we need from this relationship.

As parents we affirm that the needs of our children are met. We know that the highest good of all is best for each of us.

Family discord does not disturb my belief. God is in charge. God guides each of us on our journey to wholeness. 

Error thought has no place in my life. I am whole. I lift my eyes to love and blessings.

There is no power in separation. We are one. We are whole. We do no harm to any living things.