SpiritGroups are small group ministries that meet for 8-10 weeks either online, in a member's home, or in the community (at the church building, a library, or a coffee shop). They're completely free, and we highly recommend joining one to make new friends.

Tuesday Nights Starting June 25th, In Person

Embark on a transformative journey with this 8 week exploration of spirituality through the lens of cinema hosted and facilitated by Rev Kurt. Each session features a thought-provoking short film from a variety of genres. We'll delve into themes that resonate with the core of our divine identity. We'll uncover gems of wisdom, drawing parallels to our own lives and the infinite possibilities that dwell within us. We'll conclude our SpiritGroup as we collaborate on a social action project designed to bring positive change to our local community as well as plan and enjoy a social outing to celebrate one another and strengthen the bonds we have forged.

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Become a Host!

Calling all individuals willing to step up and Host a SpiritGroup! Those of us who have stepped forward and hosted have had such amazing and empowering experiences learning and growing together in our spiritual awakening and deepened connections with others.

We are looking for additional individuals willing to host SpiritGroups when we begin our fall classes. We are committed to reaching out and including all who wish to deepen relationships with others and become more grounded in their spiritual beliefs.

It is easy to be a host and so empowering. Your role is:
1. H elp people connect
2. O rganize the logistics
3. S erve refreshments if group decides to offer snacks
4. T urn on a video if you are using one or Task the role of facilitator to lead the discussion of a book study topic

Here are some testimonials:

  • I have really enjoyed hosting a spirit group. It's made me realize how important our affirmations are and I have benefited from trying to practice them daily. It's been great to know how everyone else is dealing with life in spiritual practice and its nice to hear how one member received prosperity. -Mark S.
  • The experience has been transformative in so many ways. I have gotten to know old Unity friends on a much deeper level. I have gotten to know new Unity friends more quickly and deeply and the quality of these relationships - so much better! I'm getting to know myself at a much deeper level. What a gift! -Connie C.

If you are interested in learning more, or have questions please call your Certified SpiritGroup Program Leader, Kathy Curry at 719.964.1900, any of the existing Hosts, or Rev. Kurt Condra.