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You know how sometimes the tiniest misstep in a super-serious formal setting can be hilariously funny? Or the subtlest nuance in a song or story can move you to tears?

That's how we sometimes experience the power of divine presence: Unexpectedly. Disarmingly. Refreshingly.  Thing is, we have to be available to it.

Like Elijah meeting God on the mountain, many of us expect our divine encounters to show up with the grandiosity of rock-splitting winds and earthquakes and fire. More often, it's out of the sound of silence, empty of the concerns of the day, that we encounter our deepest truths.

So as you move through your day, perhaps distracted by cares and concerns, pause. See if you notice some simple detail that's massively more intricate than it appears.  As you plow through your to-do list driven by a sense of urgency, take time to rest in an ordinary moment. See if  something profoundly beautiful is waiting to be revealed.