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While Unity regards Jesus’ resurrection as the main event in the Easter story, we can’t ignore the necessity of crucifixion. We may not focus on pain,  but we do acknowledge that challenges, suffering and even death are facets of life’s fullness. Spiritually, that means surrendering, even embracing, the death of emotional patterns, thought forms and behaviors that inhibit us from fully expressing our divine nature.

At some point, we all experience doubt, blame or shame that sabotage progress, undermine confidence, shatter dreams and stunt possibilities. If we are to attain any level of spiritual mastery, these must die. I know. Sounds harsh. But anything that blocks our capacity to BE the presence of the Divine in the world, must die so that our truest identity may rise. My recommendation is simply let them die of benevolent neglect. “Keep your gaze upon the Light,” our cofounder Myrtle Fillmore writes, “and you cannot possibly see any dark.”

So in these last days before Easter, be mindful of any thoughts that ignite harsh judgments or criticisms. If they arise, refuse to entertain them. When condemning surfaces, ignore it. If berating starts, dismiss it. If seething brews, disregard it. Give such thoughts no energy or attention and instead, affirm what’s true: “I am courageous.” “I am confident.” “I am safe.” “I am free.” By Sunday, you’ll be ready for the most glorious aspect of Easter’s story: resurrection of our highest selves.