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Ever feel restless, grumpy, or anxious about a tough situation you're anticipating? It's a signal that you're not aligned with your greater self, the divine within. It often means we're trying to power through the day with personal will and ego, rather than trusting Spirit to act through us.

So how do we reconnect with Source and activate God's power in all our affairs?

Picture this: You're driving to an appointment, running late, and every light turns red. Every driver is slow. Every route has delays. Imagine how you feel: shoulders hunched, grip tight on the wheel, body tense. That's disconnected, filled with impatience, anxiety, and stress.

Now imagine sitting back in the seat, fully supported. Your grip relaxes, your muscles are at rest, and your breathing deepens. That's aligned, bringing a sense of calm, receptiveness, and energy. You accept conditions as they arise, making the drive pleasant. Lights turn green as you approach, or if they don't, you appreciate the pause.

That's putting your Christ self in the driver's seat, a realm where we can dwell in every activity of life. Silent Unity prayer workers use this prayer before each shift: "It is not I, but the Christ within that does the work." This role suits you perfectly, too.