Right and Perfect Home Initiative

Throughout 2018, UNS is engaging in an exciting heart-led process to align our spiritual purpose with the material resources we’ve been given. With collective wisdom and respect, we’ll revitalize our identity as a Unity Center, claim our role in the broader community, and discern how best to invest our assets in continued growth and success.  

Join us … your voice, prayers, consciousness, and participation are co-creating our future.



Craig Dooley (Chair), Sherri Blix, Rev. Kurt Condra, Priscilla Florence, Kate Jordan, June Lash, Vivian Morrison, Chet Stroyny, Micki Stroyny, Martin Taylor.  


Monthly Meetings (2nd Tuesdays at 3 pm):  All are welcome to attend these meetings of the Right & Perfect Home Team.

‘Coffee and Questions’ with Members of the RPH Team on Sundays:  Sessions after service.  Grab food from Garden Chat, and head over with your queries.

Have Ideas for How We Can Act on Our New Vision, Mission and Core Values?:  Would you like to coordinate an event or service initiative?  Know of an organization or initiative with which we can partner?  Drop your suggestions in Kate’s mailbox in the Church Office.  Thanks!


Oct. 2017:   Develop Initiative Timeline, Work Threads, and Milestone Dates:  Work Threads: Data, Board, Membership, Consciousness, Communications, Milestones.  Potluck Town Hall to announce the Initiative.  Milestone Dates: 2/18: Mission-Vision-Values Process Completed.  3/18: Data Compiled.  Spring/Fall 2018:  Discernment Home Groups.  12/18: Final Decision Congregational Vote.

Nov. 2017:  Brainstorm tasks for each Work Thread:
DATA:  Maintenance History & Costs, Review of UNS Needs, Electric, Plumbing, HVAC, Structural Engineer Report, Building Appraisal, Commercial Realtor Assessment of Building, Funding Options for Staying in Building. 
BOARD:  Build Bank Relationship, Approve Cost of Structural Engineer Study, Draft By-Law Changes, Approve Congregational Survey Content, Final Approval of Options for Congregational Vote. 
MEMBERSHIP:  Study Group Facilitators Recruited and Trained, Study Group Locations Determined and Groups Held, Congregational Survey Distributed and Results Compiled. 
CONSCIOUSNESS:  Chaplains/Prayer Team Hold Process in Prayer, Youth Included in Process, Vision Statement for the Process, Prayer/Affirmation Developed by Chaplains, Study Groups with Study Guides, Vision-Mission-Core Values Workshop, Sunday Series - 'Braving the Wilderness,' 'Centered in God, Led by Vision' Workshop, 'I of the Storm' Class, 'Compassionate Communication' Workshop, Fall Membership Class. 
COMMUNICATIONS: Create and Post Team Roster, Identify Stakeholders, Working with Marketing Team for Tie-In, Buy/Sell Study Group Book, Print Study Guides, UNS Building History Visual, Initiative Process Visual, Mission-Vision-Values Workshop Promotion, Schedule Potluck Town Halls, Logo Created, Annual Meeting Presentation, Develop Survey Questions for Congregation.
Click 11-17 to view the Meeting Minutes.

Dec. 2017:  Project Management Chart Created for Initiative (click CHART to view).

Jan. 2018:  Potluck Town Hall with member updates.  'Vision, Mission, Core Values' Workshop with Rev. Phil Smedstad to determine our focus.  'Braving the Wilderness' Sunday series and study groups.  Click 01-18 to view the Meeting Minutes.

Feb. 2018: Study groups conclude.  'Coffee and Questions' sessions started.  Click 02-18 to view Meeting Minutes.

Mar. 2018:  Milestone: Data Compiled.  Congregational Survey #1 Sent Out.  Click 03-18 to view Meeting Minutes.

Apr. 2018:  'Centered in God, Led by Vision' Workshop - Saturday, April 7, 10 am - 2 pm.  Discernment Small Groups Session 1: April 22 - May 13.  Click 04-18 to view Meeting Minutes.

May. 2018:  Click 05-18 to view Meeting Minutes.

June 2018:  Congregational Survey Sent.  Results Compiled - Click Results to view.  Click 06-18 to view Meeting Minutes.

July 2018:   Discernment Small Groups Session 2: July 15 - 29  Click 07-18 to view Meeting Minutes.

Aug. 2018:  Click 08-18 to view Meeting Minutes.

Sep. 2018:  Sub-Groups formed for data gathering:  Fix Bricks Plus (staying options); Show Me the Money (funding options); Where is There? (relocation options).  Click 09-18 to view Meeting Minutes.

Oct. 2018:  Click 10-18 to view Meeting Minutes.

Nov. 2018:  Deadline for Sub-Group Data.

Dec. 2018:  Congregational Update on December 2 after the service.