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Opening shot: Muscleman doing curls in a gritty gym. Behind him, we see a guy struggling to bench-press insanely big weights. The camera follows curling man as he steps up, offering to spot. Lifter gasps for breath, spits and sputters, refuses help. Closing shot: Lifter is hopelessly pinned under the bar. Spotter stands by. [Public service ad intended for people who think therapy makes them weak.] 

Like a spotter standing by, God is ever-present as a source of comfort, strength and healing. Trouble is, when we're pinned under the metaphoric bar (the crushing weight of uncertainty, fear for health and safety, years of compounded loss and grief), accessing this divine source of good requires a significant shift in awareness.

 A practice that's worked for me involves reminding myself that this bar does not define me. I am both/and: Sometimes I'm pinned and need help; other times I'm able to help others. 

Usually, one of two things occurs: Either my heart opens and I surrender enough to accept help; or my heart opens and I'm able to help another. Receiving can take many forms: guidance for next steps, compassion from a friend, or advice from a synchronistic meeting.  Helping may be praying for someone, or carrying a neighbor's groceries, or accompanying a friend to the doctor. Sometimes I initially don't want to do it. But in the doing, my energy shifts, and the bar is lifted.  

In the words of Paul in a letter to the Corinthians: "And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work."