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One of my holiday traditions is watching “Home for the Holidays,” starring Anne Bancroft, Holly Hunter and Robert Downey, Jr. It depicts one family’s hilariously disastrous Thanksgiving weekend. Childhood rivalries surge. Latent dysfunctions emerge. Roast turkey flies. And yet with every calamity we see potential for healing, understanding and connection.

Some of these gifts are realized. And just as in our own lives, some possibilities for greater good remain shrouded behind old patterns and fears. Though the film is  not overtly spiritual, it’s a poignant depiction of how self-awareness and mindfulness give us access to the spiritual power to transcend pain and limitation through love, forgiveness and compassion.

So if, at any point, you have difficulty seeing God’s goodness, tread very lightly. Instead of pushing harder, proceed with gentleness. The powerfully creative spiritual being you are, has momentarily forgotten your divine magnificence. Take a few deep breaths, quiet any negative thoughts, and calmly ask Spirit to show you the good.  At the right time and in perfect order, the light of heightened awareness will dawn.