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If I were the devil, I would make sure people focused on all the bad things happening in the world. I would mess with every part of society, from the news to family conversations, to make people think about the worst, most violent, and saddest events. I would use their deepest fears to make them feel powerless and hopeless. I would do everything I could to make people feel angry, like victims, and helpless, so all they did was blame and complain. I would make sure they ignored all the good things happening around them, so they didn't see the kindness, beauty, and goodness that are always happening.

In Unity, we don't believe in a devil with horns trying to ruin everything. We think the "devil" is a way of thinking filled with negativity, fear, anger, and jealousy. To overcome it, we deny it has any power over us and believe in God's eternal, all-powerful presence.

This means each of us has great power to create a world full of compassion instead of judgment, curiosity instead of closed-mindedness, and respect for life's sacredness. There is amazing beauty and good happening everywhere, with wonderful progress being made to help everyone. By combining science with spirituality, trusting each other, and spreading a message of hope and understanding, we can overcome fear and judgment. We can create a world full of compassion and purpose.

The choice and responsibility are ours. Choose wisely, dear one.