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Most of us operate under the reasonable assumption that listening to sermons, reading the Bible, or studying other sacred writings, make us more spiritual. Not really.

Study is a great consciousness conditioner. But spiritual transformation only occurs by putting knowledge into practice.
Simplistic example: You're in the passenger seat and your jaw clenches because you KNOW there's a better route than the one taken. Instead of criticizing, you take a calming breath, unclench, and discover the joy of being chauffeured. The experience is especially sweet because you're aware that you initiated the transformation.
Intense example: You’re anxious and fearful that loved ones may perish in record-shattering floods. You KNOW every dire fact because they're blaring from all the screens you own.  As you wait for their call, you turn off the screens, set your phone to vibrate, and quiet your mind and heart. Calmer now, your faith in the eternal goodness of God is strengthened, and fear is transformed.
So here’s a consciousness conditioner to use in prayer: "In this sacred moment, I recognize the transformative power of God  is also in me." Now, go make shift happen.