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This ever happen to you? You procrastinate, avoiding a task, and when you finally topple the mountain of resistance, you're astonished by how simply it was moved?

That first step is all Spirit needs for grace to rush forward in support of our intentions. It’s throwing covers off instead of pulling them over one’s head. It’s putting backside in chair for daily meditation. It’s making the call, running the errand, fixing the leak. It’s overcoming the inertia that paralyzes, and allowing the momentum of creation’s evolution to move us forward.

I believe resistance is ego’s unwillingness to trust God. It’s human frailty, fearful of its own divine potential. It’s monkey mind caught in the illusion that it runs the show. It’s personal will, arrogantly assuming it knows all.  And as long as I indulge fear, arrogance and illusion, I stay stuck.

So if there’s anything you’re resisting or putting off, here are a couple affirmations I pray will rouse you to take that first step: “The way forward is simple. My path is made clear.”