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Though it's happening behind screened fencing, the steady progress of Ryan Stadium's demolition hugely impacts Central Street's vibe. For me, the dominant feeling evoked is emptiness. My impulse is to push it away by imagining the site's future state: a gleaming new stadium, vibrant and alive with cheering fans. Which means I'm basically removing myself from any experience of the power and rugged beauty of an architectural transformation in progress.

It's a delicate balance....this business of recognizing that God's good is fully expressing in all times, places and things, while also being mindful of current conditions. Focus too intently on the emerging good, and we're liable to get hit by falling rubble. Focus too much on the condition and we're apt to act out an "ain't it awful" drama.  Our work is to trust in the endless unfolding of God's good, and at the same time steer clear of dangerous debris.

How? By affirming that God's power is fully active in the progression of every season and circumstance -- even the bleak emptiness of demolition. Its presence is endlessly shaping every material form--even the dilapidation of treasured monuments. As we remember that decay and restoration, disease and healing, poverty and prosperity, are all aspects of a greater wholeness, we access a deeper level of understanding that strengthens our faith. Then, guided by faith, we can trust that our earthly steps are divinely ordered to bring forth what's highest and best for all.