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Sadly, the sturdy antique table inherited from my grandparents is now rickety. Until recently, I assumed the cause was time's passage. Everything ages, after all. Recently though, I realized the ravages of time have been greatly accelerated by a hefty fountain displayed atop my cherished heirloom. Today, it's obvious that the warped top, buckled veneer and sticking drawer are direct effects of the burdensome weight. But the effects occurred so gradually I missed the connection. 

Most burdens we carry are like that. We grow accustomed to them. We don't recognize the cumulative toll of bearing them until something fails or breaks. Individually, they show up as resentments, unmet expectations, guilt, shame and regret. Collectively, they manifest as failed policies, broken institutions and global humanitarian crises. No matter the burden, the longer we carry it, the more costly and damaging the effects. 

The solution is simple: Cast them off! Cut cords! Be free!

Truthfully though, releasing a long-borne burden is often not easy. It takes surrendering to the reality of what is. It takes strength to overcome any impulse to pick it up again. It takes resilience to face the hard circumstance we hoped carrying it would resolve in the first place. It takes imagination to envision new possibilities. It takes faith in the possibility for healing, restoration and reconciliation.

My heavy fountain now rests safely on the floor beneath the rickety table. Repurposed as an altar, it's adorned with a Bible that's been in our family for more than a century, a bamboo plant with shoots that form two hearts, and a porcelain bust that doubles as a headset stand. Together, they call me to seek divine wisdom, extend love to all life, and listen for truth not spoken aloud.

I pray Spirit reveals how you can transform any burdens you might carry into blessings.