For Your Soul's Sake, Let It Be

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
If you're feeling the usual holiday cheeriness that starts building this time of year has somber undertones, you're not alone.

For nearly two years, we’ve endured more loss than any of us could have imagined ... and not just the loss of loved ones who’ve died. The pandemic has forever changed how we live and work; how we gather and connect. At some level, I believe all of us are grieving, perhaps even more than we consciously realize. Now more than in our lifetimes, honoring the pain of loss is necessary to restore our souls. 
So how do we grieve well?

I wish I had a simple affirmation or spiritual solution to share. But there are no shortcuts. Grief takes whatever time it takes. What I can suggest is being extremely gentle with yourself.  To the degree you're able stay present, even when you'd rather deflect. Fully experience emotions. Watch for sabotaging thoughts. Listen for love's wisdom and guidance. Most of all, be patient and compassionate with yourself no matter what arises.

This holiday season, give yourself permission to let each moment be exactly what it needs be for your soul's highest good.