The Yin and Yang of Mother's Day ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

Mother’s Day. Archetypically, it's about celebrating the unconditional love and support we receive from our moms. For most, the ideal aligns pretty well with our lived experience so it's a joy-filled holiday. For others, it can be more nuanced, complicated even.


Whatever your situation, happy childhood or not, Mother or not, female or not, I'd like to offer an approach that I hope will make this Mother's Day spiritually richer for you.


Truly, regardless of gender, each of us posses both masculine and feminine qualities. We are most powerful when our nurturing “feminine” traits are balanced with our driving “masculine” ones. Mother’s Day can be about striking the perfect balance between those energies, and BEING a source of unconditional love and support for one another.


To practice, look for ways to connect with those around you: Turn off the t.v. for conversation, open doors, share responsibility, turn off phones, be mindful of others' desires, and thoughtful of their needs. Affirm: “I consider the feelings and needs of others as well as my own. I take thoughtful action to bring others happiness.”


May you, and those whom your thoughts and actions touch, be blessed by the nurturing energy you share, this Mother's Day and every other day, too.