Why Shortcuts Don't Cut It

Given the choice, most of us would prefer to skip from celebrating an awareness of deeper truth (represented by Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem at Passover), and jump straight to the glory of new life (symbolized by The Resurrection). We tend to pass over what the pain, betrayal and suffering depicted in the Easter story might suggest about our own spiritual evolution.
While it's true we're Spiritual Beings having a human experience, that experience inevitably includes suffering. And while no one gets to opt out of painful experiences, we all get to choose how we handle them.  In Unity, rather than look to Jesus to rescue us from pain, we study his life to learn how to deal with it.  
So here's the thing: Jesus' journey through the events observed during Holy Week are a powerful road map for the terrain we cover on the path to awakening. His actions are the model for how we raise our own consciousness: practicing non-resistance like when he's arrested; releasing resentment like when he forgives; and claiming truth even while bearing pain, like when he's crucified.
The Easter story is not just a celebration of resurrection...it shows us how to bring forth resurrection. As we're willing to embrace the whole story, like Jesus, we rise, bringing light and glory to dark and lifeless places.