Why Jesus' Arrest and Crucifixion Are Relevant Today

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
It's Holy Week -- when Jesus was arrested (Maundy Thursday) and crucified (Good Friday). Metaphysically speaking, both arrest and crucifixion are steps in our spiritual evolution: Human limitation is arrested, and ego nature dies to divine nature.
Arrest is the first step. By paying close attention to emotions and the thoughts they evoke, we can halt patterns that do not serve our greater purpose. Arrest is then followed by crucifixion....when unproductive patterns are executed from consciousness so truth can rise. Jesus' resurrection, his triumph over death, is God's promise that the death of our human limitations marks the threshold to spiritual mastery. 
So this Holy Week, I encourage you to look for any patterns in consciousness that need arresting. (If you’re like me, a quick glance at today’s headlines will kickstart outlaw thinking.) Trust that whatever negative conditions you observe or experience portend Truth's resurrection. Anger and criticism are calling forth loving discernment. Fear and aggression mark a transformation toward compassionate understanding. Chaos and uncertainty are giving rise to order and faith. Brokenness shows where  wholeness is emerging. Emptiness and desolation mark the coming of passion and fulfillment.
As truth is resurrected within us, we extend its reach, blessing (saving) others from the false notion that pain and suffering are greater than the divinity of life everlasting.