On Whom Do You Rely?

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
In spite of limited resources, political pressures, and the threat of violence and sabotage, Nehemiah and his people rebuilt the walls of their beloved city. Because of his reliance on God, Nehemiah inspired his people to reclaim their belief in God, themselves and their own power to be successful.
Of course, it’s not just about relying on God. It’s also about relying on one another.
Here’s a suggestion for expanding your trust in God's power and presence: Think of things that help you remember to rely on God. Maybe it’s something or someone you see at church. Maybe it’s a prayer or a song. Maybe it's the delicacy of a flower or the hair-raising power of rolling thunder. Then, try meditating on the things that remind you of God. Make it a simple meditation…just become quiet and still visualize the symbols you identified. Imagine as many details as you can, sounds, sights, scents. Close with a simple, “Thank you, God, for this time with you.”