The Universe Needs You

Live-streaming the Democratic National Convention is very different from watching network broadcasts: Instead of commercials and commentators, we see the presentations made between speeches. Last night that included a benediction given by Jena Lee Nardella, a young missionary who works in Africa. Though it struck me as a hybrid of prayer and lecture, I was touched that she mentioned both Barack and Mitt, and affirmed that despite partisan differences we are one people, one nation. Every vote and every voice matters.
It's the same in spiritual community. Attending Sunday service is a fine source of inspiration and divine connection. And, between Sundays, we offer many activities to deepen spiritual growth and practice spiritual principles. Often, these other activities support our most profound transformations, personal and collective.
Participation in this deeper work is important because the universe is calling us to heal divisiveness and suffering in our communities, our nation, and our world. When it comes to transforming consciousness, every thought and act matters. So I encourage you to share in as many of this month's activities as possible. Two "Don't Miss" events:
1) This Sunday evening's Interfaith Film Screening & Call to Action with Ruth Broyde Sharon.
2) Our World Day of Prayer Sharing Sacred Practices, Thurs., Sept. 13th.
Both are beautiful forums for sharing and discovering truth as expressed in other faiths, religions and philosophies. Both also engage us in the even more profound work of raising consciousness. As the young conventioneer prayed last night, "We know that we are bound up in one another and have been given the tremendous opportunity to extend humanity and grace when others voice their deeply held convictions...even when they differ from our own. Give us wisdom, God, to discover honest solutions, for we know it will take all of us."
And that most certainly includes you!
Rev. Kurt
Click here to view Jena Lee Nardella's benediction.