In Unikids (Grades K-2), students explore spiritual principles through stories, acting, puppets, music, dance, sculpture, photography and science.  These lessons based in relevant life issues about self-knowing, using our talents, and understanding our feelings often originate from a Bible or secular story, followed by a guided discussion. The discussion encourages deeper thinking to help the students find personal meaning and direction from the story.

Curriculum Focus:

  • Introduce spiritual texts such as the Bible. Explore the concept of interpreting such texts for personal inspiration.
  • Experience practices that may lead to a broader awareness of God, such as prayer and meditation.
  • Discuss how to find happiness and wholeness through life choices.

Our Unikids also create their own theme-based lesson for our Youth-Run Service (a Sunday service created for and presented by the Youth Ministry the Sunday after Easter in the sanctuary for our congregation.)

Teachers:  Steve Foreen, Vicki Levinson, Kate Jordan