Unbound: How to Free Your Self


By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Bindweed is to gardening as false beliefs are to True Self. The second these tiny spindly shoots grow enough to reach the light, they twist and wind their way up every stem, strangling out any potential for flowering.
Pulling bindweed from our gardens is teaching me to work more effectively with error thoughts. My first strategy, vigorous attack, was disastrous because it destroyed the host plants, too. With practice, I've become adept at unwinding the viny marauder one twist at a time. At first it was tedious but  it's become a practice of reverence: The scent of herbs as I free them; wonder at the structure and growth patterns of plants I thought I knew; plus...fresh air and sunshine on these perfect summer days. 
I've also learned it's impossible to pull bindweed by its roots. Yet even this seems relevant. For me at least, some error thoughts are rooted deep in my subconscious mind. I no longer feel compelled to dig everything up. These days I trust that if/as they arise, my regular practice of gentle removing/releasing thoughts that aren't fruitful is enough.