Unbind Your Inner Genius ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

I just spent an enthralling half-hour changing the cabin air filter of my car. I'm not being facetious -- thanks to a DIYGuy YouTube video, I quickly and easily completed a task I've always paid others to do. Now I feel tremendously powerful and proud.
Spiritual guidance is a lot like that: Infinite intelligence is always available to free us from self-imposed limitations that block our ability to wield spiritual power. When we learn to access divine wisdom skillfully, life gets better.
What’s required? Depends. Sometimes spiritual mastery involves cultivating a willingness to be shown a new way to live. Sometimes it means seeking counsel and support from others with more experience. Sometimes it means developing greater skill at following guidance, or developing an ability to recognize Spirit’s presence. Regardless, growing in consciousness and more effectively directing our creative power can be enthralling.
Luckily, there are DIY guides all around us. Parents. Kids. Loved ones. Co-workers. Colleagues. Friends. Even sales clerks and strangers. They’re all in our lives to support the evolution of our own spiritual mastery.

May you be receptive to the immense wisdom shared with you today.