A Time to Mourn

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Seems many hearts are heavy with grief this week. Mine, too. 
Death, especially when it comes "too soon," can be heart-wrenching. Our bodies cry for relief. Our minds demand to know, "How?" Our souls ache to understand, "Why?" All of which is perfectly natural to the human dimension of life. But the truth is, neither science nor theology, nor any other human discipline can explain the infinite, unknowable. 
So in a sense, what we believe about life and death is a story each of us gets to make up. And the most important thing about stories is not the content ... it’s the meaning we make of them. No matter the story, the meaning we make can be either life-affirming, or it can diminish our power and energy, blocking our ability to experience the joy and beauty inherent in life's journey.
Stories and their meanings help us clarify what matters most so we can prioritize what we truly value. They can force us to dig deeply and discover a strength we didn’t know we had. They can give us fortitude to persevere in the face of hardship, and courage to triumph over challenges. They can open our hearts to new depths of love, and equip us to support others with compassion.
Whatever the circumstances, I believe there is a healing to experience, a truth to claim, or a possibility to love and be loved more deeply. Our job is to trust that in our grieving, the story's truest meaning is being revealed.