Think Awesome Cool Things ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

The Old Testament story of Queen Esther is a great resource for navigating divisiveness. Esther's the beautiful queen who risks her life to stand for what she believes. In a treacherous time, she finds the most tactful way to stand for Truth. The cool part is she doesn’t try blundering through on her own. Mordachi, her uncle serves as mentor and coach. With his support she’s guided to present her case to the king in an order and tone that redeems truth and saves lives.
Esther’s predicament is not unique: At times, we all feel overwhelmed by difficult people in scary circumstances. As in Esther’s case, though, if we stay grounded in Truth, Spirit provides. People or events converge. We meet an ally. We hear a message that reveals the right and perfect way forward. It’s a story of courage, faith and tact – for which I can share a great acronym/affirmation that's easily memorized:
“Before I say, do, or act, I Think Awesome Cool Things.”
I recommend it as a consciousness conditioner before interactions you anticipate might be difficult. I know from personal experience it can be both powerful and accessible -- even in crucial heated moments. Added to your spiritual toolbox, it's a key for accessing divine wisdom that will serve you well.