There's ONE Thing Happening: God

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Unity's emphasis on responding to life from our highest selves, our divinity, is a powerful engine for spiritual transformation. The flip side of this approach is we're sometimes so inwardly focused, we bypass the tough but necessary work that needs doing in the material realm. Put another way, it's possible to be so heavenly that we're no earthly good.
I recently learned that some of my favorite biblical passages are poor translations of the original Greek text. Mostly, they're statements about our spiritual identity. ("The kingdom of God is within you." "Christ in you, your hope and glory." "You are the light of the world.") Turns out the "you" in these passages was likely plural, and might be better translated as "ya'll," or even "all ya'll."
That distinction suggests a radical view of spiritual purpose. "All ya'll are the light of the world," points to a collective divinity. It infers God is expressed through the whole of human activity. Oneness is made manifest in the totality of human experience. That means, the global pandemic, off-the-rails Presidential  debate, zealots on the political margins, even the abhorrent tragedies of racism ... are all part of a greater whole, despite our human inability to comprehend it. 
And while our impulse may be to release the intense worldy pressures of this fraught era, I believe holding them in light and love is the more powerful approach for healing what's broken and transforming what's offensive. Now more than ever, those of us who believe there is only one power and presence are called to stand in the truth that "only God is going on."