Tea With Your Antagonists

There's a wonderful interview with award-winning actress Barbara Robertson in March's The Monthly Aspectarian. She describes how she came to terms with a character who said horrible things to her daughter. Barbara's preparation for the role is also a great practice for cultivating compassion for the horrible things we ourselves say or hear.
"I had to take that lady out to tea and I had to sit with her until I could say, 'Now I know why you say the things you say, and do the things you do, and I appreciate you,'" Barbara explains. "I have to understand them unconditionally. I have to love my characters unconditionally."
We all deal with condemning voices from time to time. Rather than reacting out of defensiveness or anger, imagine taking them to tea. Imagine they are characters in the play of life. As we grow to understand their drives and motivations, we'll likely discover a broader context for their appearance in our lives, and a deeper dimension of our own capacity to love.
How do you take your tea? Sugar and cream, or lemon?
Rev. Kurt
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