Take a Breath. Take a Next Step.

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
Despite countless prayers affirming order and serenity, the fallout from a pipe that burst in my livingroom months ago still enrages me. This week it felt like a 10-ton burden strapped to my back. So I ended my campaign to change reality. I ritualized approving the estimates and blessed the whole situation. It was a huge relief...but not for long. <ugh> I've made an important first step. Clearly, there's more work to do.
I believe the same goes for the Chauvin trial verdict. There's a welcome sense of collective relief. And it's a first step. There's more for all of us to do in the sacred work of creating a just and equitable nation in a world that works for all.
Here's a next step: Join  Evanston YWCA's 21 Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge. In just a few minutes each day, this easy-to-follow program will guide you through a three-week consciousness-raising practice with links to articles, podcasts and short videos. 
For those who suffer the burdensome load of oppression, there is deep healing work. Here's a Northwestern University resource list for coping with racism-related stress and trauma: https://my.qatar.northwestern.edu/docs/wellness/racism-resources.pdf
For the rest who (however unknowingly) benefit from the status quo, deep learning and a commitment to allyship are necessary. (Here's a resource list from Building Allies, a non-profit working to turn privilege into change: https://www.buildingallies.org/anti-racism-resources/)