Straddling Unity's Paradox ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

Philosophically, Unity straddle a divine paradox. Since we teach that all creation begins in Mind, our inclination is to focus on the thoughts we hold, and trust outcomes to God. On the other hand, we also teach it’s not enough to simply pray. We’re also called to move our feet. We’re called to take action as guided and directed by Spirit.
So how are we to respond to worldly challenges? Is it enough to pray that divine justice is active or are we also called to share our views with friends and family? Is it enough to pray and vote in alignment with spiritual principles or are we also called to lobby our legislators? Is it enough to affirm God’s presence in the midst of crises or are we also called to give of ourselves and our resources?
The answer, of course, is to be still and ask for guidance. Here’s the prayer I’m using: 
"I am a channel for the unconditional love of Spirit. I see all things clearly and respond with vision, vigor and purpose. One with God, I am guided and directed toward that which is mine to do and I accomplish it with ease, grace and effectiveness.
It’s easy to get caught up in polarizing rhetoric but it’s not hard to know the peace that passes understanding. In the space of a breath, may you claim it, and know the power that comes with balancing the idea of Truth and its expression.