Stillness Is NOT Wasting Time

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Some time ago, the low tire pressure light on my dash lit up. I stopped to check, and sure enough, the rear passenger's-side tire needed air. I filled it, but within a couple days, the warning light was back on. Sure enough, the same tire needed filling. Clearly, there was a leak but I didn’t have time to deal with it.
Then, while filling the same tire for the zillionth time, I noticed the problem: A large screw had punctured the tread and broken off. As I write, air continues to seep. Never mind that I’ve spent more quarters at air pumps and more time yanking on air hoses than would be needed for a permanent fix. I regard the 15 or 20 minutes it would take standing around a repair shop as wasted time.
Sometimes meditation feels like that. We fidget. We keep opening our eyes. We think about what’s in the ‘fridge. We can barely sit still because we’re so anxious to get busy “doing” something. Truth is, a small investment in stillness, however restless we might feel, always brings us into God’s presence. Often, it’s those occasions when our meditation seems most scattered that our spirits are most in need of refreshment.
If we trust that God is present in our “wasted” moments as well as our peaceful ones, Spirit will plug any leaks draining our life energies
Which remind me, it's time I call the tire shop.