Still Waters

Nestled in a secluded lush forested glen completely isolated from the sprawl and crowds of Cape Cod's high season, a pristine spring-fed pond -- think sandy-bottom lake not mucky green bog -- invites the few visitors who know of it to float aimlessly across its still, calming surface. My cousin calls it her own "little corner of heaven." She took me there last week, each of us outfitted with an inflatable pool chair. We spent three glorious hours drifting over the shimmering surface, enjoying a rare uninterrupted opportunity to catch up -- and an even rarer opportunity to simply be quiet and present: In silence we savored the sun's radiant warmth, the gentle caress of summer breezes, and during a brief rain shower, an infinity of concentric rings dancing across the glass-like surface.

Imagining it now, amid ringing phones, whirring machines and clacking keyboards, I easily find a sense of peace and oneness that calms my soul. I'm reminded my "little corner of heaven" is accessible no matter what the surroundings. God is every bit as present here and now as in the secluded silence of a sacred refuge. Calling it forth is a choice and a discipline that comes more easily with practice.

So what memory evokes your corner of heaven? Call it forth now. Imagine the details. Sights, sounds, colors, scents will make the remembering more vivid, and the meditative effect more powerful. I encourage you to replay the memory often, allowing it to become a touchstone for higher consciousness. With time and practice, this same memory will instantly create a little corner of heaven wherever you are. 

Float there often,
Rev. Kurt