Stepping Into a Brighter Future

By Jasmine Sassack 
Last Sunday I was sworn in as a new Board member at Unity on the North Shore. Outside of our spiritual community, I’ve told almost no one about this.
Currently, one of my kids is entering their third week of hospitalization. My nearest and dearest have taken my tearful phone calls on the way to the emergency room. They’ve stayed up far past midnight patiently listening as I’ve listed all my feelings of despair. They’ve dropped off meals and taken turns watching my other kids.
What right do I have - in the midst of all this chaos - to sign up for yet another commitment?
But this, too, is a form of self-care. Sometimes giving ... caring ... serving others is the best kind of self-care. It gives me a purpose outside the walls of my house and the personalities of my family. It reminds me that there is a bigger and bolder world outside of hospitals, doctors, medications, and therapies.
And in my heart of hearts, this reminds me that for all my feelings of hopelessness, somewhere deep inside I still have faith that this too shall pass. My foundation in Unity is where I found that faith, so it only makes sense that this is where I take this next step into a brighter future.