Stay Present. Stay Conscious. Stay Centered.

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
Following their team's biggest victory in a generation, thousands of Notre Dame students defied pandemic protocols, and poured onto the gridiron in a spontaneous eruption of celebratory energy. Reminds me of Moses returning from the mountaintop to find his people breaking all the Commandments God had just engraved in stone.
Both scenes are as alarming as they are fathomable. Who among us isn't acutely aware of the grave challenges ahead? Who among us doesn't ache for the exhilarating sense of belonging to a tribe? Still, we now choose between menacing risk and human connection every time we don a mask and distance, or don't.
Rest assured, this too, shall pass, though not as quickly as any of us desires. Meantime, just as Moses returns to the mountaintop for a second edition of stone tablets (he smashed the first in fury), our most fruitful choices will be inspired by returning (repeatedly) to the source of infinite wisdom flowing freely within us all.
And remember, it took 40 years of wandering for Moses and the Israelites to reach the promised land. Traversing the terrain of our time may take awhile, too.