Stay the Course ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

Last night's Global New Thought Rally at Bodhi Spiritual Center showcased some of our Movement's most passionate and inspiring spiritual leaders. Hearts were opened, minds were freed, and in the invisible realm, consciousness was unalterably raised.
But on the drive home, through rain-swollen dips along Ashland Ave., my thinking swerved into dangerous territory. I began measuring my work against the dynamism and brilliance of my accomplished colleagues.
Luckily, where the flooding was deepest, traffic slowed and merged safely into a single lane. The message could not have been clearer: "Careful, Kurt. Slow the torrent of negative comparison, and steer those ego-fueled criticisms safely into the lane that's been cleared for you."
In these challenging times, there are plenty of hazards to navigate. So whatever detours might arise, remember you and I are perfectly suited, and divinely equipped, to travel routes built for joy, reconciliation, peace, understanding and wholeness. I personally believe these are the only routes leading to the realized vision of a world that works for all. Stay the course!