Spirituality: It's Not About Achievement

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
In yoga, there is great temptation to achieve the perfect pose. But as a skilled teacher once taught me, “It’s not about the poses. It’s about enjoying each sensation as it arises.”
I believe the same applies to every goal we set, every box we check. Without conscious and consistent intent, any action we undertake can easily become about completing tasks and achieving objectives. We forget there is a deeper a reality to all human endeavor that’s best experienced as we are both fully engaged and fully connected.

Here’s an exercise to help with that. If you'll invest two minutes now, I guarantee you’ll feel more peaceful and fulfilled. Plus, whatever boxes you check afterward will be accomplished with greater ease and effectiveness.
Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Scan your body and mind. How are you in this particular moment? Inspired? Skeptical? Tired? Energized? Engaged? Overwhelmed? Whatever it is, be present to it without judging it. If the  “to-do” list is screaming for attention, meditate on the deeper purpose of your work. If you’re craving pizza, note it as an item of interest and return your attention to your breath. Sit in stillness and silence for the full two minutes. When time’s up, open your eyes, give thanks, and approach the remainder of the day assured that you are “in the flow.”