Spiritual Threshold Crossing

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
This ever happen to you? You make a firm, prayerful, well-considered decision. You take the necessary steps to prepare. Then, on the verge of implementation, doubts and second-guessing flare. 
We've all been there. Maybe you were at a sales desk about to sign a purchase contract. Maybe you were craving a cigarette or salivating over a fancy pastry. Maybe you were perched on the threshold of a plane with a parachute strapped to your back. Whatever the decision, the temptation to retreat to what's safe and comfortable is the most natural impulse in the world. It also torpedoes any possibility for actual change.
I wish I had a sure-fire antidote. I can't say which spiritual practice or principle will work best for you. I do know the answer is probably not the one you'd most like. It's highly probable the best way forward may be the one you least like. 
"Instead of giving up to circumstances and outer events," Charles Fillmore, Unity co-founder writes, "we should remember that we are all very close to a kingdom of mind that would make us always happy and successful if we would cultivate it. 
My take: When resistance to positive change arises -- and it nearly always does -- we're called to trust in the infinite wisdom and guidance that brought us thus far and to make the leap that lies before us.