Spiritual Mulligan: No Penalty

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
My most memorable Thanksgiving was spent golfing with my dad. On the first tee, with a throng of foursomes waiting behind us, I whacked one directly into the clubhouse...literally into the men's locker room. The blessed thing pin-balled off metal doors as the crowd behind did its best to muffle guffaws. Mercifully, dad sauntered over and whispered, “Let’s drop one on the fairway. Chip onto the green from there.”

The holidays can be fraught with tension and anxiety, especially in these polarized red/blue, right/left, Fox News/MSNBC times. Gathering with family or friends with opposing ideas and attitudes can feel as though everyone's ducking golf balls ricocheting in tight quarters. Yet, each of us has the capacity to be a source of wisdom and peace that nurtures connection and facilitates healing. Question is, in the throes of pain or upset, how do we shift the energy?


In Teach Us to Pray, Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore advises: "...we disentangle our thought from the flesh, and lift our consciousness up to Spirit."


In golf terms, it's recovering from a humiliating shot by dropping a ball in more desirable field of consciousnesses, then re-engaging from a higher perspective. Best part is, spiritually speaking, it won't even cost you a penalty stroke.

Happy Thanksgiving.