SpiritGroups are a powerful way to engage in spiritual community by intentionally gathering for the purpose of learning, connecting with others, and expanding your consciousness.

Groups of four to eight gather in private homes, at our Center, or even in a Community Room at Evanston Public Library, to deepen their spiritual life and forge deeper relationships with others of like mind.

In addition to praying, sharing, learning and laughing together at weekly meetings, each SpiritGroup commits to volunteering together in support of a worthy cause or organization, and also selects a fun social event to attend together.  Groups have chosen to see films, enjoy concerts or plays, or attend a special gallery exhibit together.

Top three reasons to join a SpiritGroup!

  • Authenticity – SpiritGroups are founded on authenticity, vulnerability and trust that are truly life-affirming. 
  • Making a Difference –Serving together brings a new depth to relationships. Not only are you seeing your group outside of its normal environment, but you can meet in the larger community while focusing on others’ needs.
  • Spiritual Evolution – Choose a group covering a topic that interests you and practice how to apply spiritual principles to your lived experiences. 

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