Sow with God, Friend

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
Across the western horizon, as if racing to beat the setting sun, a huge tractor glides over a vast hilltop field, its many-bladed discs cutting a swath as wide as a two-lane road into turf left over from last year's crop.
The next morning, in a much smaller field not far away, an Amish farmer steers his two-horse team toward the eastern horizon, welcoming the just-risen sun. His plow cuts two narrow furrows of bright green meadow, gently turning them into the dark topsoil.
Presented with contrasts, our minds tend to get busy evaluating. We question which is "right/better," which is "wrong/worse." It's a troubling question because it almost always sets up a false dichotomy. 
Most "either/or" questions are tragically limiting. Life is far too nuanced and complex to be stifled by such reductive thinking. Shift to a "both/and" mindset and infinite possibilities open. Here's a more fruitful line of questioning: "How are these part of a greater whole?" "What spiritual truths are apparent here?"
In a fracturing world splitting apart along political and religious ideologies, those who see beyond divisiveness and separation, who stand in the immutable truth of spiritual, social, biological, environmental and even cosmological interdependence and interconnection, are plowing fields that, according to spiritual law, must yield peace.
In Galatians, we read, “...for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
Sow with God, friend. We need a fruitful harvest.