Smartphone Flashback: Lesson in Faith

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
My smartphone just gave me a flashback: Thirty+ years ago, when newspapers still made money and wanted to ensure the coming data revolution wouldn't put them out of business, I got a job with the San Francisco Chronicle's groundbreaking public-access electronic information service. It was basically a network of clunky kiosks, each with a monitor and keyboard, scattered around the city at transit stops, shopping venues and tourist attractions. I worked with the team charged with creating content. 
Most of what we created was a primitive version of the apps, ads, pop-ups and alerts our phones now churn out endlessly. Remember this is pre-Internet.  A few early-adopters schlepped mobile phones in shoulder bags. Top-of-the-line Macintosh computers looked like toasters. Animation was created on giant computer workstations by layering geometric shapes in sequence. No photos, no audio, no video. Artists spent hours simplifying designs to minimize "build" (the screen time needed for an image to download). We knew the medium would evolve. The futurists among us even envisioned pocket-sized versions of our clunky kiosks. None of us knew how or when.
That's how Spirit brings our ideas into manifestation. It starts with thought and vision -- often motivated by fear or pain, but I prefer making desire and intention the primary driver. Then, holding the vision lightly, we use the resources available to do whatever is ours to do, trusting the universe to provide each subsequent step in divine order, and in right and perfect time. 
"If your prosperity does not become manifest as soon as you pray and affirm God as your supply, refuse to give up," Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore writes. "A continuity of effort is necessary. Show your faith by keeping up the work."