Shine When Darkness Falls

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Lately, I’ve been particularly sensitive to the shortened light of day. It reminds me of the light that shines as each of us. The source is eternal and never dims, yet we experience it in many different ways.
When our thinking is clear and our emotions unclouded, guidance comes easily in high-contrast, unambiguous flashes. It seems easy to stay on course. Aligned with Spirit, we’re living in a flow with incredible momentum.
There’s a flip side, though. When personal will and mistaken perception dominate our consciousness, choices are often made blindly, as though we're stumbling through darkness, clinging to whatever handhold we can grab.  
That’s why I appreciate grey days like these. I associate them with peace and serenity. When light is diffused evenly, I see more objectively. It’s a chance to release notions of good and bad. It's easier to be fully present, yet detached from egoic agendas.  
In truth, of course, the light of day or dark of night has no bearing on the light within. But it can remind us that God is light. I am the light. You are the light. Let's let it shine and dispel any darkness we encounter.