Shaky Faith Restored ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

All of us from time-to-time find our faith wavering: Sure, God is always present but the bills are a little high, so MasterCard gets priority over tithing. Or, sure I want my relationships to be holy - provided Spirit’s guiding my kids/partner/lover/spouse/friend/boss to behave the way I want them to.
Our journey to wholeness begins when we let go of  doubts and reservations and claim new possibilities. Faith is restored as we let go of rigid ideas about how life should unfold. As we imagine new possibilities for Spirit to fulfill our heart’s deepest desires, we find the faith and strength to follow Spirit's lead.
 As we begin proceed along this Advent journey, consider what attachments can be released. What behaviors, patterns or attitudes need to be cleared for the Christ in you to be born anew? Imagine how life would look and feel if your heart and mind were free of all sense of lack, fear or negativity. Then in prayer, ask spirit to remove any obstacles that might block the full expression of your Christ self.
Here's a classic affirmation for followup: “Christ in you, your hope of glory.” —Colossians 1:27.