Season to Savor

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
In this season of changing and releasing, some leaves fall gracefully, even playfully, as they drift gently to the ground, dancing with breezy fall gusts. Others get stripped away in stormy winds or driving rain. And some cling stubbornly to barren branches for far longer than seems possible.
It's the same for us in seasons of letting go and letting God. Some endings we savor, even celebrate. Sometimes endings come upon us quickly and the releasing is equally swift. And then there are endings we dread, Through these, we tend to resist and procrastinate until circumstances force a response.
Of course, we'd much prefer for all endings to be painless. But that's not the human condition. While I believe it's true every loss contains seeds for future blessing, some endings are tougher than others. They take longer to complete than we'd like. They take whatever time they take. They take prayerful willingness.
A solid prayer practice is like raking leaves: If fallen leaves are the clutter in consciousness, then raking is clearing the mind and heart through prayer. No matter how densely the foliage falls, our work is to just keep raking.