The Road to Safety & Security

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
"Security is what everyone wants more than anything," Unity author Eric Butterworth wrote nearly 30 years ago. We want safety and security for ourselves, our loved ones, our nation and our world. It's a desire we've not felt more palpably, perhaps since our nation's founding.
So when orderly structures and traditions built over centuries fail us, we're called to remember true security is not dependent on outer conditions. It arises out of a deep trust that Divine Order is working through the creative energies of the cosmic process. Our work is to align fearlessly with those energies. 
Though speaking to financial security, Butterworth's counsel holds for safety, too: "Whatever measures we take, if we are motivated by fear and anxiety, then we mine our roadway into the future with booby traps. But if we plan and keep our thoughts centered in God as our limitless resource of good, then our way will be filled with success and fulfillment."
For me, last night, that meant switching from live news coverage to rewatch "Hamilton." Listening to King George III pontificate that, "Oceans rise. Empires fall. We have seen each other through it all," I felt both comforted and hopeful. Comforted in the realization that like oceans and empires, the struggles of our time are merely the ebb and flow of world events aligning and diverging on the field of Infinite Love. Hopeful because the ever-upward spiral of becoming is fueled by it all --  the messy integration of the totality of human experience: fear and courage, shadow and light, creation and destruction.
Whatever the weeks and months ahead hold, I pray we perfectly balance our desire for safety with the imperative to create a more peaceful, equitable and just world that works for all.