Resistance Is Guidance ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

Think of a situation you don’t want to deal with. That’s resistance. It might be as innocuous as cleaning a closet or fixing a broken widget. It might be as important as working with a bill collector, confronting a coworker, forgiving a friend, or releasing a relationship. It might be as enriching as booking a dream vacation, launching a new project, or meeting your soul mate.
Now think of the energy you expend resisting such situations. Each time you pass the closet door or hear the dripping faucet, your attention is drawn to what’s undone. Every phone call you duck unleashes thoughts of lack, loss, or anger. Every mention of the adversarial coworker or estranged friend sparks flashes of guilt or resentment. Every wistful reminder of grand possibility dissolves in a litany of excuses and obstacles.
That’s polluted energy. It depletes our strength, faith and capacity to co-create from Source energy.
So what are you resisting? What task is undone? What circumstance requires your attention? What messy situation is ripe for transformation? Check in with Spirit. Ask what’s yours to do and get someone to pray with you. You can request support online right now by clicking here. You can call Silent Unity at 1-800-NOW-PRAY (1-800-669-7729). You can phone our Prayer Line and leave a message and our Prayer Team will enfold you in prayer for 30 days (847-328-6123). 
When you invite the activity of God to support you in moving through resistance, you activate your divinity so powerfully that even the most obstinate blocks will be easily cleared. Live free, courageous one!