Resistance Is Fertile ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

Resistance is a sneaky devil. He creeps into the most ordinary circumstances parading as procrastination, indecision and rationalization. He keeps us stuck in unhealthy patterns. He dooms us to repeating dysfunctional cycles embedded in our subconscious by years of habitual routine. He pollutes our spiritual and physical energies. He corrupts our awareness of God’s presence.

Think of a situation you don’t want to deal with. That’s resistance. It might be as innocuous as cleaning a closet. It might be as important as pursuing a life intention. Now think of the energy you expend resisting such situations. Each time you pass the closet door, your attention is drawn to what’s undone. Every wistful reminder of your unrealized desire flips the switch of doubt or guilt. That’s polluted energy. It depletes our strength, faith and capacity to be love.

The good news is that what we resist persists. That means Spirit will present plenty of opportunities to transcend it. The really good news is that each time we overcome resistance, each time we face our fears and claim more of our divine power, our faith is strengthened.

So what are you resisting? What task is undone? What circumstance requires your attention? What messy situation is ripe for transformation? Check in with Spirit. Ask what’s yours to do, then get someone to pray with you. You can request support from Silent Unity here: , or by calling 1-800-NOW-PRAY (1-800-669-7729). Live strong, courageous one!