Resist Judgement. Be Light.

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
News of the day reminds me of the Buddhist farmer whose horse runs away: Neighbors bemoan the loss as tragedy but the farmer withholds judgment. Horse returns leading a band of wild mustangs. Neighbors declare it a miracle until farmer’s son is crippled by one of the horses. Farmer resists judging. War comes but the son's condition exempts him from military service. Calamity or blessing, which?
As Hurricane Florence barrels toward the East Coast, most are heeding evacuation orders; some insist on staying to help with recovery efforts. Predictions that Dems may take the House in upcoming mid-terms have some predicting it would weaken the President; others maintain a Republican minority would be more unified behind his agenda. Blessing or crisis?
I believe it’s both. On the physical plane, it’s appropriate that we acknowledge the challenges we face, doing our part to solve them. At the level of Spirit, though, we’re called to see beyond facts and circumstances and align with the power and presence greater than any earthly condition.
Like the Buddhist farmer, as we practice detaching from judgment about life's experiences, we cultivate a capacity to see beyond current conditions. We begin to live from an awareness of Spirit’s all-powerful presence and make welcome a fuller, freer more abundant expression of the divine in our lives, our communities and our world.