I am free from any threat of harm. The goodness and greatness of Spirit's mighty power guides my choices and protects my steps. I am strong in faith, confident in my resolve and courageously undertake all that's mine to do.

Feelings of fear or being lost are now dissolved. God's ever-present power and presence protect and guide me always.

When outer appearances present as disorder and chaos in the world, I affirm that God is present in everyone and every situation and all is well.

I erase thoughts of anxiety and fear for my safety. All my doings begin, continue and end in Spirit. I am guided safely along my best path.

Beings of love and light, thoughts of love and light surround me. There is no separation and I am whole, loved and loving.

Harm will not come to me as I go about my daily life. God is with me in every need. Whether walking, driving, at work, or at home, God is always present.