Prayerful Remembering

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
For many, Memorial Day evokes a complicated mix of feelings. We know the intent is to honor the lives of those who died protecting freedoms we cherish. We're deeply grateful for the sacrifices so many have made to ensure we continue to enjoy those freedoms. At the same time we're keenly aware that soldiers on both sides of every conflict sacrifice. Friends and families of the fallen mourn no matter which side prevails.
We can only know God; we can only begin to express the vastness and power of our divinity by setting aside belief in separation -- from God or from one another.  In choosing Oneness, we also choose to know the sacredness of every life that’s touched by war, injustice and terror.
In the collective observance of Memorial Day, there is the possibility for healing. In our prayers lies the power to raise consciousness from fear to love, guilt to gratitude and ambivalence to hope.  So in these next few days surrounding our national holiday, please join me in prayerfully remembering: “Enemies ally. Peace is real. Wars end. Love is eternal.”