Prayer for Every Occasion

If God's good is really everywhere present, then how do we explain suffering? One metaphor I like is that suffering, like darkness, has no power of its own. Flip a light switch and darkness is dispelled. Align with God's presence and power, and suffering is dispelled.

I know. Easier said than done. Divine alignment requires more than simply finding the right switch. A method that helps me is focusing on the potential for good, which I believe is inherent in every situation. Since alignment is an inside job, it starts by identifying the state of one's condition. The next step is claiming the good seeking expression. I'm developing the following affirmative prayer treatment built on these two steps. Try it out with me this week and let's see if any switches flip. --Rev. Kurt
God Is In My Every Facet
God is in my hunger, motivating me to act;
God is in my fulfillment, as contentment that nurtures growth.

God is in my stress, reminding me to center;
God is in my relaxing, as peace that flows through grace.

God is in my dis-ease, inspiring healthy choices;
God is in my wholeness, as energy and vitality.

God is in my cursing, mirroring unmet needs;
God is in my praying, attracting good's abundance.

God is in my despair, pushing me to seek;
God is in my hope, as imagination that shapes dreams.

God is in my fear, focusing my attention;
God is in my faith, as strength that overcomes.

God is in my criticism, unveiling negative attitudes.
God is in my praise, tapping gratitude's grace.

God is in my condemning, revealing toxic prejudice.
God is in my loving, as compassion that forgives.

And the people all say, "Amen!"